Your Veterinary Office in Abilene, TX

We at Abilene Animal Hospital understand the vital roles pets play in their owners' lives and commit our practice to providing quality, compassionate, and economical veterinary care for our patients in the Abilene, TX, area.
Pets add to our lives in much the same way friends and family members do. When your pet is sick or injured, you want a quality care provider to look after your precious friend.
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Think your pet might be ill? Is your furry friend the victim of an accident or injury? Don't take a chance – bring them to Abilene Animal Hospital and let us care for your pet's medical needs.
Keep your dog or cat up to date on their shots and keep them from falling ill with vaccinations from Abilene Animal Hospital. We carry most major vaccines and combination shots for your pet.
Spaying and neutering your pet prevents unexpected pregnancies and reduces the chance for infections and tumors later in your animal's life. Ask us about spaying and neutering your pet!
Give your pet a clean, fresh new look, or a place to hang out while you're out and about! When your pet visits us for grooming, bathing, or boarding, they'll experience a playful environment and caring staff.
Military, senior citizen, teacher, and college student discounts are available. Call us at (325) 672-4744 to make your appointment!